Cat Beds Out of Old Drawers

I have too many cats. They have a tendency to collect, I think there’s a sign out somewhere saying ‘Here is food” for stray cats like the hobos of the thirties had…

To add a little stimulation for my indoor cats I wanted to add some boxes along a window so they can sit and watch the world go by…and I have some ‘tree dwellar’ kitties that love to be high.

My first attempt was a solid glossy white with burgundy stripes but I can’t seem to master that striping business.










Too much….too much contrast, too much white, too too..

So I rethought the concept and decided to go more subtle. I had some samples in the garage and some spray paint I got on clearance. I used a light mint as a base color. I picked some leaves and some sticks and used them as stencils..

My test:


I used a cream spray paint for the overlay and added a splash of gold sparkle…



Attaching them to the wall was a trial and error business. I am not the most logical or handy person…but I found a stud, and using one drill to predrill holes and one drill to put the screws in.


I added a pillow, and some towels and tada! the final project.

Cost: $6 for drawers at Restore, $3 for spray paint.

Sunday Project

I was sweeping and mopping the kitchen this morning and as I moved furniture, I got to looking at this ugly, ugly footstool that sits under my computer/dining table. I have considered replacing it several times but it is difficult to find one the right size for the area. So I put on my thinking cap and decided that I would have a go at improving things myself.


I gathered together some materials I thought would do. I had some old material left over from a project years ago thats been sitting in my garage, some old upholstrey nails from who knows where and some scraps from another project.

My first delimma was how to cushion the top, as you can see from the photo, the footstool had developed holes in the top…there were reenforcing straps across the top so I wasn’t worried about filling in the whole stool (which would be a waste of stuffing but I knew if I didn’t put something there, any cushioning I put on it would gradually work down into the stool.) So I sewed a pocket, using the scrap material, onto the reverse of the material to hold the stuffing in.



Which would have been fine but DOH! I did it before I pinned my side seams. As you can tell (if you look really close) the material has a really clear grain (or nap or whatever pros call it) so once I got the sides pinned I saw the ‘pocket’ was all kinds of wonkyjawwed. So I had to rip the seam out. (I tend to use the seam ripper more than the sewing machine..) and I resewed it back on.


After sewing the side seams and resewing the pocket and restuffing the pocket, I used the upholstery nails to nail down the material. Out of 24 I used 8 and abused 7…ok, I abused them all. I don’t think a ONE went in straight. I ain’t showing the bottom though and if any of ya’ll come to the house you won’t be looking at the bottom anyhow!


AAAA!! the HUMANITY!!!!!!






Heck, there’s enough mistakes, crooked seams and jacked up material on the TOP…

yeah, I gotta a muffin top...check yourself!!

but hey, I am happy with it. And I think it looks better! Sure feels better on my tootsies too…and that’s what counts. To me at least! I enjoyed doing it, it’s not perfect but it’s the first stepstool I ever did and I’ll do better on the next project.


As long as you do your best and are happy with the results…that’s what matters. Don’t be scared to try! Life isn’t a competition, enjoy doing what you do!



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