Cat Beds Out of Old Drawers

I have too many cats. They have a tendency to collect, I think there’s a sign out somewhere saying ‘Here is food” for stray cats like the hobos of the thirties had…

To add a little stimulation for my indoor cats I wanted to add some boxes along a window so they can sit and watch the world go by…and I have some ‘tree dwellar’ kitties that love to be high.

My first attempt was a solid glossy white with burgundy stripes but I can’t seem to master that striping business.










Too much….too much contrast, too much white, too too..

So I rethought the concept and decided to go more subtle. I had some samples in the garage and some spray paint I got on clearance. I used a light mint as a base color. I picked some leaves and some sticks and used them as stencils..

My test:


I used a cream spray paint for the overlay and added a splash of gold sparkle…



Attaching them to the wall was a trial and error business. I am not the most logical or handy person…but I found a stud, and using one drill to predrill holes and one drill to put the screws in.


I added a pillow, and some towels and tada! the final project.

Cost: $6 for drawers at Restore, $3 for spray paint.

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