About Me

I am fifty years old and just bought my first house. My mother moved in with me and I have two cats. I work as a bookkeeper and make an ok salary. Enough to live on and have a bit extra here and there.

I have lived in apartments for over forty years so living in a house has been a very new experience for me. I have never lived in any house we owned, even as a child. We moved constantly…sometimes twice in a year and it was difficult to make friends.

So I tend to be pretty ok with being alone. Part of that is that I am satisified with what I have…as long as I have what I need. For example, I truly envied those who owned their homes, but now that I own one, I don’t care and am not interested if someone else has a ‘bigger’ house and no one (IMO) has a ‘better’ house than I do…because it’s MINE. I am willing to admit it is one very positive trait that I have developed in my life.


Oh I have many many bad traits. I am way self indulgent…easily aroused to anger when I percieve myself as being viewed as ‘less than’ or incapable. I don’t like to ask for help..or a handout. I quit rather than lose. (which is my WORST trait…) and I tend to give up way to soon as a result. I guess I expect myself to be perfect at everything without practice.

But I am trying to change that..trying to let myself be silly and incompetent and imperfect and even to let people SEE my mistakes. Trying to ask for help and to allow others to help me.

This blog is to record for myself how things develop in my life, my home, my garden…I don’t intend to use it to air personal laundry hopefully, focus on the positive is my goal.

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